Sunday, January 10, 2010

Four FJ career employees laid off

I mentioned previously that one FJ employee (the mention is toward the end of the story) was laid off in the latest round of Booth downsizing, but it now appears there were four long time employees who got the ax.

Insiders have been saying that the paper's management has been telling employees that the company has turned the corner and is making money, but this would seem to contradict that.

Unless the high priced help who runs Booth wants to purge all those who are still on the payroll at a living wage. I'm waiting for more information.

As for the severance packages across Booth, the early reports are one week's pay for every year of service, but that won't be confirmed until the letters start arriving at people's homes in West Michigan tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

There's an ad in today's Journal for a long-time employee who I believe recently left for a new job.

They can't even keep track of who's in the building, apparently.

former newsie said...

It is one week of severance pay for every year served, plus an equal number of weeks of health insurance.

Jim of L-Town said...

Thanks former newsie. I had heard about the one week's pay, but didn't know if it included health insurance.

Anonymous said...

This is the hottest printed graphic at the Journal this week. It says it all.