Monday, January 11, 2010

Beautiful aerial footage of the Grand Canyon

We all have that one scene, experience or natural formation that takes our breath away. The Grand Canyon is mine. I've visited it, flown over it, watched films about it and am planning to make another visit there next fall. No embed, but see link below.

I found this aerial video of the Grand Canyon today and it was beautiful and I think it lowered my blood pressure ten points. In case you are concerned about the helicopter's effect on global warming, the video producers said they are buying carbon offsets for every hour they spend in the air. So watch with ease.


Susan said...

We saw a small portion when we rode the bikes out to Arizona and California. Even as wonderful as films or photographs can be, they just can't capture the true beauty.

Adman said...

Went out a couple of years ago with my daughter and it took my breath away when I first viewed God's creation. It was in December and we went from one end of the park to the other that day taking picture after picture...awesome!