Monday, December 7, 2009

Health Care debate's open process: Not so much

"What I am convinced of is if we actually hope to pass universal health care this time around we have to bring Republicans and Democrats together," said Obama. "We have to have an open and transparent process so that the American people participate in the debate and see exactly what we're doing."

On another occasion during the campaign President Obama mentioned that C-SPAN would be in the room during the health care deliberations so the American public would be party to the "open" process.

Over the weekend, Obama met privately with Democrats only to strong arm health care.

I turned to C-SPAN and guess what, couldn't find the broadcast anywhere. I get that he has given up on Republicans to cooperate, but he could still invite C-SPAN to the meeting as he promised.

Predictably, this thing has turned into a giant "Let's Make A Deal" where hold out senators and congress representatives will demand their little pork to get their vote for a bill that does not provide universal health care coverage.

I am angry (again) at both parties for not seeking a real solution, but rather a stridently partisan one.

And if you believe that the bill proposed by Congress right now will somehow save us money, make sure you put cookies out for the big man in a red suit on Christmas Eve.

There are so many lies flying around (on both sides) about this process that it would be great if someone in the media would actually break it all down. Instead of reporting on the ball game, do a little of your own inside calculations and reporting and get to the truth.

Riiiight, now it's me that will have to leave cookies out for Santa.


party said...

when we get real solution???? no answer..

Jim of L-Town said...

Nice limos, party.....