Thursday, December 10, 2009

Booth (West) planning big changes Feb. 5?

Folks at Booth properties on the westside of the State are bracing for February 5th, the date of expected "changes."

With the end of the lifetime job pledge, some folks are expecting the worst.

Already this week training to help the copy desk and design functions to be consolidated with the Grand Rapids Press has been going on. Staff at the Kalamazoo Gazette is less than half of the staff there just five years ago.

Named Michigan's "Newspaper of the Year" just this year, the paper's redesign will make it into a clone of the Grand Rapids Press. Most likely to ease its production.

Cookie cutter papers take less time for a small crew to put together, more like plugging items in and out depending on which area.

The Kalamazoo Gazette, which was named the Michigan News Association's Newspaper of the Year a few weeks/months ago, will take on the design of The Grand Rapids Press.


Anonymous said...

pretty soon, Michigan newspapers will all look like "cheeburger-cheeburger-cheeburger" and read like "cheeps-cheeps-cheeps."


Anonymous said...

Another sign of the Newspaper Apocalypse: E&P is closing.