Friday, June 12, 2009

A Flint Journal article on the Flint Journal

The comments are telling.


Anonymous said...

These are the top stories on Mlives Flint Journal page:

Dodge Caliber, Ford Mustang and Chevy Silverado are cars to be raffled at 2009 St. John's Applefest in September 1:19 PM
* What a beautiful baby: Dozens vie for title in Swartz Creek 12:00 PM
* Fenton chamber mobilizes support for small businesses, 9:00 AM
* Former Flint Central classmates cherish 65 years of friendship 8:30 PM
* Swartz Creek alum mourn composer of school fight song

Will somebody please tell me where to find news? Real news? Why do I care which cars are auctioned at St. Johns (it's a great fundraiser, but that's all.)
Beautiful baby contests? The Fenton Chamber wants to help small businesses....isn't that what it does? Central High School memories are shared and the obligatory obituary. Nice stories, but where is the news? Where are the watchdogs? Why isn't someone reporting from the courthouse? Sentencings? Lawsuits? What are the politicians up to? Where is the news? The real news? Investigations? I dropped my subscription last week, now I'm going to stop reading online. This is ridiculous and the editor's inability to see how unhappy readers are is also ridiculous. The recent article that included people happy about the changes ran almost identically in Flint, Saginaw and Bay City paper. I have not talked to a single person who is happy with the newspaper changes. He tells us to be happy because one columnist stayed. This is a train wreck.

Anonymous said...

It's Sunday morning and I've got my coffee ready to read the paper online. That is what they want us to do now, right?
I'm sitting in my uncomfortable chair at my desk and load up mlive/flint here's what I see:

On Flag Day, Patriot Flag honors the fallen 10:35 AM

Flying under Old Glory at Michigan's Own Military and Space Museum in Frankenmuth today is a flag most Americans probably won't recognize.

* Despite saying goodbye to his Flint-area dealerships, veteran car dealer sees hope for new generation in car industry 10:00 AM
* Federal grants, stimulus money possible methods of finance for new Loose Senior Center 8:43 AM
* Keep clothes on at work or pay a tax 7:00 AM
* In Lapeer, the flag is celebrated in a stirring ceremony 9:00 PM
* No raining on Flint Art Fair's parade as thousands attend annual event 7:35 PM

OK, it's Flag Day, got the requisite Flag Day story. And a substory with the Lapeer stirring ceremony thing.

Best best for a Sunday morning read sounds like "Despite saying goodbye to his Flint-area dealerships, veteran car dealer sees hope for new generation in car industry"
No photos, 17 paragraphs, one source. I'm bored.

So I take a look at sports:
Flint Powers knocked off grid 9:03 AM
GRAND RAPIDS -- Powers Catholic's bid for its first girls soccer state championship ran into ...
* Charles Rogers ready for redemption 7:00 AM
* LaMarr Woodley, Clifton Ryan treat fans to a second football camp 7:00 AM
* Armando Galarraga, Nate Robertson hit hard in Tigers' loss to Pirates 9:44 PM
* Dorian Dawkins, son of Saginaw High coach Lou Dawkins, dies during summer basketball game 8:23 PM

I try to read the Powers story, which has a Grand Rapids dateline and the link takes me to Saginaw. And no story appears.

The next two sports links also take me to an empty Saginaw site.

The third is Steve Kornacki's story on the Tigers, a pretty fair read.

The last is a sad story about a Saginaw high school coach who died. I bet it means alot to the people in Saginaw.

In less than 10 minutes, I'm done with the Sunday online paper.

I wish Channel 12 and 5 would start doing some real news, because obviously they are the only places left. My coffee isn't even cold yet.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:32...
"The last is a sad story about a Saginaw high school coach who died. I bet it means alot to the people in Saginaw."
UMMM, it's about his FOURTEEN YEAR OLD KID who died on the basketball court at a tournament. His dad is a coach with multiple state titles. That is more than a Saginaw story. Sorry it bored you.

Anonymous said...

No place will you see a statement that The Saginaw story bored me, it was moving and newsy. The comment was that the Sunday paper didn't take long to read. The paper was boring, not that particular story.

inky said...

New top Flint story on MLive: A new pizza parlor "is alive and kicking" in Clio.

Will this hard-hitting journalism ever cease?