Thursday, February 12, 2009

Michigan here I come! Right back where I started from.

I have scheduled this post to go up about 10 a.m. (obviously, I did that wrong, it went up at 1 a.m.) Thursday on Pacific coast time. That's the time my flight departs San Jose for the roundabout trip back to Michigan.

There will be a stop in Las Vegas, Chicago and then home to Flint, hopefully arriving about 11:30 p.m. today.

It has been a tremendous time in California and while the reason for it, my brother's memorial party, was a sad one, it was a great time of visiting, reconnecting and meeting new friends during this past 16 days.

For all my jokes about my home state of California and its "fruits and nuts" it never ceases to dazzle me the number of things there are to do here. As I leave here, the weather has turned dreary and wet, which is a good thing because there is a great concern about the lack of rainfall here.

So while the blogging hasn't really suffered (quantity wise, anyway) blogging should return to a more normal cycle starting this weekend.

Fortunately, my weekend includes a sleepover with three-year-old granddaughter Addisen Joy who is staying with my wife and I while our son and daughter-in-law enjoy a romantic Valentine weekend away.

While it has been fun to be away, it is true what they say: There is no place like home!

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