Saturday, March 1, 2008

Detroit link-o-rama


Spent Friday and Saturday at a men's Anglican retreat at the St. John's Retreat Center in Livonia. (correction: Plymouth, thanks DP) In addition to the great information I learned about the Bible and the wonderful fellowship with a bunch of Christian men, I had a chance to visit with Father Richard Dalton who has a wonderful website full of links that cover much of what is important in the Detroit Metropolitan Area.

Music, theater, weather, sports, web guides, etc. are all there at:

There are thousands of local links and an extensive media guide. Do give it a try and if you forget the link, it will be posted on my links at the upper right hand part of my blog.

And if you ever get a chance to spend time at a retreat at St. John's, do it! It is a very comfortable setting, beautiful grounds and unlike some of the old "bunkhouse" retreat centers, each member has their own clean motel style room. (No TV or phone, it is a retreat after all).

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