Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A word about comments


As this blog is getting more and more traffic I just wanted to continue to welcome all your comments. I spent a career protecting my sources and will do so here as well.

Please feel free to leave anonymous comments (although making up a name is fun too!) as long as they are civil and without expletives. Let's leave out the real names of those who you are writing about. Even without the names the stories are still very compelling. The point of this blog is to inform, not to hurt.

One suggestion: It might be better for those still in a working newsroom to restrict your posting here to doing so from your home computer. Many newspapers stand on the first amendment and free expression, but aren't too sympathetic about employees exercising either one.

Some have asked me off line why I am so negative about the newspaper business.

The answer is easy, I am passionate about newspapers and news. When newspapers are run well they serve the community in a most important way. When they are run badly, they are at least an embarrassment and at worst irrelevant. My hope, my prayer is that the Flint Journal will find a way to return to what it was when I started there in 1989: A kick butt daily paper that people enjoyed and feared, in the best way possible. Sadly, it won't do it with the current editorial management.

So keep it clean, keep it real, but by all means, keep it coming.

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