Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Goodbye Cookie!

Today, the Flint Journal says good-bye to its feature editor Cookie, a longtime friend and one of those excellent editors I told you about previously.

Cookie, like many of us, was induced into early retirement by a generous buyout offer and the prospect of continuing to work for editors who, how can I say this politely, have no clue about how to run a newspaper.

With clowns to the left of her and jokers to the right, Cookie was stuck in the middle where she skillfully produced a wonderful features section and managed a diverse group of reporters to the best advantage of the newspaper.

Although readers may not have been aware of her efforts, those of us who worked with her and knew her know that her loss, even though likely welcomed by the boys who run the paper, will be seriously felt.

Good luck Cookie!


oakland said...

One hallmark of a good community newspaper is having editors who understand the community. Besides being one of the classiest women I know, Cookie is a great journalist who has deep knowledge of Flint and its people. Generous buyout aside, like other older employees, she would have been treated like a leper -- or worse -- had she stayed. No, Booth seemingly has put the future of the Flint Journal in the hands of a Booth carpetbagger whose last stop was in Bay City. His "bad cop" lieutenant commutes from East Lansing, and his journalistic chops include a friendly "profile" (a two-word description comes to mind, the second word being "job")on former Sen. Don Riegle that barely managed to mention his Keating Five (savings & loan scandal) involvement. Good luck to you, dear Cookie; you always traveled the high road.

Jim of L-Town said...

Great points Oakland.

When I was hired in 1989, the editor was concerned because I lived 5 miles outside our circulation area in Oxford.
The deal was if I took the job as soon as I could move into the circulation area I should do so. It took 6 years but I did move to Davison.
However, the East Lansing-based editor, who was hired by the same editor who was concerned about me living in "Oxford," has made no move to get closer to the readers.
Yet the same people with little connection to the communities they cover operate with great arrogance about what the people of these communities want to read.
A great point and I hope you keep coming back.