Thursday, January 31, 2008

An editor with cajones!

If you haven't read it, check out the story on "" about the LA Times editor who resigned his position rather than oversee the destruction of his own newsroom.

Now that's a real editor!

Here's a part of the story to get you started:

No Quiet on Western Front: Latest on ‘L.A. Times’ Uproar - Editor & Publisher, Jan. 22, 2008[E&P tries to figure out what really happened at the Los Angeles Times, where editor James O’Shea abruptly resigned this week. Publisher David Hiller called O’Shea’s exit after only 14 months a mutual decision, but reports of O’Shea’s speech to the newsroom indicates it was anything but. The EIC was reportedly asked to cut $7 million from his budget, which sparked a confrontation that led to his firing. Media-watchers are wondering what this says about new owner Sam Zell’s commitment to editorial quality. -Ed.]

Any editor who would stand by and participate in the destruction of his/her own newsroom does not deserve the title of editor.

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