Thursday, May 15, 2014

E&P: Newspapers need to blow up the model and start over

Not enamored with the lede on this story, but when the writer eventually gets to his point it's worth pondering.


Anonymous said...

Yet another blow to Michigan newspapers follows. I didn't just post a link to this story because it's on the subscription-only MIRS site, but here is part of the story:

Lawmakers Eye Phase-Out For Print Newspaper Legal Notices

The publication of local government legal notices would move online, and newspapers could feel the brunt of the change under a new bill being discussed in the Legislature.

This week, the House Local Government Committee began considering HB 5560, which would phase-out requirements that local units of government publish legal notices in print newspapers.

Instead of paying to publish the required notices for meetings, rule changes and assessments in print, local governments would transition over the next 10 years to publishing the notices online.

It would be a massive change in state law, affecting more than 250 public acts that require public notices, according to research by Rep. Amanda PRICE (R-Holland) and her staff. To that point, HB 5560 could bring 115 trailer bills.

According to supporters, the bill, HB 5560, would provide a more efficient way of getting the notices out for the public to see.

Much of the opposition to the bill is coming from those with ties to the newspaper industry.

Jim of L-Town said...

Here's a link to the text of the bill:

Anonymous said...

Holy Toledo! Venerable Blade considers folding up printing and mailing facilities and laying off 130:

Anonymous said...

Interesting Pew study on decline of statehouse coverage nationwide:

Anonymous said...

FL's 2014 Voter Guide is out (see link below). Wonder if it'll include any candidate felony convictions this time around?