Sunday, June 23, 2013 on "We're doing great"

A self-serving, self assessment was posted by While I wish them well, if the comments are any indication they may want to do a story on what the readers think.

Hopefully when the boss visited the various MLive offices he brought with him a living wage and bonuses for those "professionals" who are toiling in the vineyard.

As the comments have mounted as the day goes on I'm struck that sometime since I posted this today and now a pretty significant statement has been edited out of the article. A commenter pointed out:

"below about 30 comments there is a statement that mlive has more "aggregate" journalists than were employed by the 8 papers 16 months ago. this is highly misleading in that most of the local cutbacks occurred more than 60 months ago.
that being said, as one of the former employees, i have no grievance with mlive. it just seems that the current execs maybe could just own up and say, "the economy and changing market conditions forced us to cut back," rather than trying to assert that today's product is superior. most remaining readers would appreciate the frankness and the reasons.
p.s.: when i make nostalgic visits to my old reporting clippings, which were compiled monthly in the newspaper library, i admit a number of them are too long and wordy, instead of criticizing today's citizens for having short attention spans. lol on that. !!! "

(Note from me: I thought that statement seemed suspicious when I read it, but I took it at face value, but the above commenter pointed out the obvious and now that statement seems to be missing from the article).

The comments have continued through the day and are 99 percent negative.


Anonymous said...

In Grand Rapids at least, Paul Keep used to write these "doing great" columns about once a month and then he'd battle the commenters. Haven't seen anything from Mr Keep in a long time and I've noticed his name isn't on the masthead lately. Is he still around?

Anonymous said...

tell a lie often enough it becomes the truth

Anonymous said...

Looks like they just made about 18 layoffs statewide -- of course, very quietly, not sure they are doing great. I would guess there are revenue problems across the state.

Alta said...

This is cool!