Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Anatomy of a plagiarist

A nice piece from CBS on plagiarism.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of Superstorm Sandy coverage, Chad Myers is some piece of work. First, we witnessed his on-air meltdown a few years ago. Then, during Sandy coverage, the guy erroneously reports, with no fact-checking, that the NY Stock Exchange was flooded by 3 feet of water -- an egregious error with huge potential implications for the markets and investments. He later sheepishly stated that he got the information from an online Bulletin Board, but then blamed no phones or Internet, etc. and many reports ciruclating out there. Memo to Chad: Then how were you able to get the informationn in the first place, Pony Express? And secondly, whatever! It's YOUR job to verify such a potentially damaging bombshell. But for some reason, earlier that day, Chad made another huge mistake that for some reason is far less known. He said "f*cking." on air. Yep. I heard it, then scrambled around the net seeking verification. Finally, today I found said verfification from this YouTube video: http://youtu.be/8nvcsRDtfNg

Here's a link to a Poyner story about his false NYSE report: http://www.poynter.org/latest-news/mediawire/193564/cnn-weather-channel-inaccurately-report-that-new-york-stock-exchange-is-under-3-feet-of-water/

It's funny. While watching this go down yesterday evening, I switched to CNBC and heard them report there was no flooding of the NYSE. I quickly switched back to CNN and heard the host mention suddenly conflicting reports of the flooding.

While covering inmate riots in Louisiana years ago, a CNN reporter ran with a fake inmate note left on a chair by a NY Times reporter. The Times reporter predicted the CNN reporter would run with the note and not question how it landed on his chair and his chair only in the middle of an impromptu news center while all the inmates were still rioting in the prison a mile or so away.

There are many types of errors a news person can make. Chad should be fired or put in a padded cell for his. Enough is enough. His weather expertise is questionable, too. His coverage of the Discovery Channel's tornado chasers (http://youtu.be/HHJK3jTHG_o) was borish and infantile, almost as if done by a jealous school boy.

Jim of L-Town said...

I watched the video and didn't hear the expletive, but it may have been cleaned up.


Anonymous said...

He says what I heard and continue to hear as "f*cking" at the 23 or 24 second mark in the video. The person who posted the video obviously heard it the same way, judging from their comments. I listened to it again just now and it certainly seems as if that's what he's saying, but maybe not. Seems to be saying "f*cking break neck" about the size of Sandy's tidal surge.

Jim of L-Town said...

Sorry, I copied and pasted the tornado chasers video by accident. It does sound like he said the word you were saying. The point is he is an idiot.