Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A lesson for an intern

This young reporter learned a valuable lesson, and learned it early enough to make changes.

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Anonymous said...

Found this in The Journal's recent "Offbeat" column, which was started by the venerable Mr. Smith when he worked there. It was also much funnier, much edgier and much wittier under Mr. Smith. But who knows under what constraints the current writer works.

Still I had to laugh when I read this, not because of the story, but the grammar. Honestly, I was like "wow, that's funny."

When the officer woke up the man, who turned out to be 19, police smelled booze on his breath. He blew a 0.202 and was cited for underage drinking. He was later released to a family member.

It was almost like he was like "Please write me up for underage drinking!" Police happily obliged.