Monday, April 2, 2012

Newspaper April Fool's jokes are always a mistake

Why real newspapers should never play with April Fool's jokes.


Gene Mierzejewski said...

At least you expect crap like that on April 1. In the early '70s, a local weekly's publication date fell on St.Patrick's Day. To show off his holiday spirit, the editor added an O' to the surname of every reporter with a front-page byline. Unfortunately, that included a story about a double homicide -- the community's first murders in several years.

The editor was fired a few months later after showing equally "good" judgment on overall coverage.

Anonymous said...

Hey< Jim.... check it out. I saw this on mlive last week out of Grand Rapids and thought you might want to share it. Looks like someone is seeking to take advantage of the lack of coverage created with the new mlive.

Anonymous said...

I think the St pats "O" thing is cool... But not on the murder story.

I always thought the FJ should have printed the front page of the St Pats paper in green ink instead of black. Yeah it would have looked like shit but it would have been something different.. They could have even just did the store copies and people would have went out to buy a extra in green to keep.

Oh well not that it makes any difference what they do now..