Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Congratulations to Liz Shaw on her new book

Although I haven't read it yet, I know Liz Shaw from years of working with her and I am looking forward to reading her new book, which she wrote with another author. It is exciting to watch former colleagues succeed in new writing arenas. The link will take you to an Amazon page where you can buy the book. Enjoy!

I did just finish Kim Crawford's latest book (his third) and it is really good. If you are a fan of history this is a book that should be a textbook simply because it doesn't read like one and yet tells a fascinating story that Americans should know about our dealings with Native Americans.

If all textbooks read like Crawford's books we'd have a lot more young people interested in history.

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Barb Modrack said...

Way to go, Liz! And Kim! Both wonderful writers and storytellers. Miss you both.