Monday, April 16, 2012

Alex Trebek

Who was the famous celebrity that my father recently guided around the National Air and Space Museum Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center?

I'm pretty proud of my father. He is a World War II Army Air Corps veteran, he was a great father and now in his "golden years" he is a first class docent at the Air and Space Museum based at Dulles International Airport.

My Dad and Alex Trebek
In my humble opinion he is the best docent they have, but I'm obviously biased and have only had tours given by him so it is probably not fair for me to judge.

Recently he drew the enviable assignment to conduct a museum tour for Alex Trebek.  At the end of the tour my Dad had his picture taken with the Jeopardy host, but I'm almost 100 percent sure he never asked for an autograph.

He has also done VIP tours for an ambassador and some other notable dignitaries. He is as comfortable with those folks as he is with the third graders from a Virginia elementary school.

My Dad, who is a very humble man was involved in an advertising agency during his real life work and I recall times when he had contact with celebrities. Although my memory is dim I recall asking him once after learning that he had met a celebrity if he had gotten an autograph.

"He didn't ask for mine and I didn't ask for his," my father answered. In his own way, my father was not impressed with celebrity and frankly that trait was passed on to me. During my career I have met a number of famous people and except for Chris Chelios, who signed my Red Wings jersey, I have never felt compelled to ask for an autograph.

Mr. Trebek offered my Dad two tickets to a Jeopardy taping, which my father declined.

It reminded me of another lesson my father taught me that served me well in life. One time he came home from work and told my stepmother, brother and I that he had been offered a free trip to the Caribbean for the whole family by a client.

"When do we leave?," was my immediate thought.

My father told me he didn't take the trip because if he did, despite the client's protests to the contrary, he felt that would put him in a position of 'owing' the client something and he didn't want to be in that position.

Maybe the best gift and lesson my father taught me was integrity. Anyway, enjoy the photo of my father and Alex Trebek.


Chris Flynn said...

Your dad looks amazing for 80 something!

Anonymous said...

Jim...I didn't know where to leave this...Does anyone out there have any expertise to analyze the strength of the Booth/Newhouse pension. Funding?

Anonymous said...

What pension? What funding? Oh, is this Mr. Sharp?

Oh, does anyone know what happened to the FJ's new managing editor dude? I don't think I got the title just right but I noticed he's no longer listed atop the Opinions page or whatever it is now. He's the bespectacled gent who once headed up the Opinons area for the FJ, Bay City, etc. He lives in remote Bangor Township. He's not listed on the FJ contacts page online, and he seems to have vanished entirely. I see no mention of him anywhere, though I supposed it would help if I could recall his name. Did he depart the FJ and, if so, under what circumstances? Drive from Bangor Township just too rough? Not enough cream at the new HQ's coffee bar? Inquiring minds wanna know...

Anonymous said...

Hello Anonymous 08:20,

Good eye. You are referring to one Clark Hughes, promoted from absentee landlord community topics editor to managing producer, whatever that is or was. I don't know what happened to him, either, but he does indeed appear to be gone after only a short stint in the FJ newsroom. Can someone enlighten us as to Mr. Hughes' fate? If he's still there, why so hard to find for a member of a new and heroic team supposedly so much an embedded part of the thriving Flint scene and community? Couldn't find bow ties for sale downtown?

Jim of L-Town said...

I let the last comment go in the interest of whatever, but let's watch the full names of minor players. From now on, first names only.


Anonymous said...

Bad writing reaches a new low. I guess it was a dark and stormy night...

Anonymous said...

As a former Boothie who left after about 20 years with the company, I have no doubt that there will be no pension money left when I reach retirement age in about 15 years. Even if it is still there, my estimated payments are only about 800 dollars a month -- even less if I choose to take the survivor benefit for my spouse. With all of the restructuring of the company, the pension plan is sure to become just another victim of the company's slash and burn policy.

Anonymous said...

All the restructuring that has been going on is to serve one purpose and one purpose only -- to ensure all the executives' pensions and bonuses are intact even when the company is going under.
It's not only immoral, but criminal.