Friday, January 13, 2012

Newsroom changes announced at the Kazoo Gazette

The Kalamazoo Gazette has announced its new leadership team.


Anonymous said...

"We are deeply committed to covering this community for both the web as well as for print," Ciokajlo said. "I'm very excited about the incredibly strong staff of journalists we have assembled who are going to go out and cover this community in a very in-depth and engaging way."


Anonymous said...

Yep, nice how they tossed Pierce out with barely a word. The new guy probably means well, but he must be walking into a buzz saw. Wonder how the few remaining vets in kazoo feel about him taking over. He's pretty young and hasn't been there all that long.

Anonymous said...

I know Ciokajlo. I collaborated with him in a minor project or two.
He is a super nice guy with great morals and ethics. And he does mean well.
In my opinion however, he is a little wet behind the ears for the job equivelant to Editor. I was surprised he was the pick.
But it sounds like there are not many picks left to choose from.
That being said, I think the people will like him. He has got a good head and works hard.