Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sad news, Tom Kowalski, longtime Detroit Lions beat reporter dies at 51

This should have been up on the blog yesterday, but I have been in the Internet darkness for 36 hours because of a "tower" problem. That fixed I need to mark the passing of a great sports writer and a good friend.

Tom Kowalski, who I first met in 1984 when I went to work for the Oakland Press died unexpectedly Monday. No word yet on what caused his death.

I haven't seen Tom much since I left the Flint Journal, but we always joked together when he worked at the Oakland Press and I would see him occassionally when he worked for Booth. While most affectionately called him "Killer" my pet name for his was "Homer," which was a joke about some of his coverage of the Lions.

Of course he was not a "Homer" but he knew I was kidding when I would call him on a positive column about the Lions.

Here's another nice tribute from the Free Press.

RIP, my friend.


Anonymous said...

I didn't know Tom but enjoyed his coverage and am happy for him that he got to particiapate in some of those print-sports TV cross-over partnerships later in his long career. That gave him a lot more exposure than he otherwise would've gotten. His early death is yet another reminder of our mortality and another reason to live every day to its fullest. It's not always the destination but the journey that is important.

Anonymous said...

Heart disease killed him