Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Fourth of July

Marching this morning in the Fourth of July Parade with my American Legion Post. Guess I can mark the parade marching off my bucket list after 11 a.m.
Happy Fourth everyone! Be safe.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of fireworks, the Detroit News lit a fire under Flint's mayor Wednesday with a Page One story that likens Flint to a lawless Wild West frontier town. An angry Walling was interviewed, I believe in person, on AM-760 this Wednesday morning. To the on-air personality's credit, he didn't just let Walling whine and bloviate; instead, he asked some probing questions that sometimes seemed to catch the Rhode Scholar off guard. Maybe he's too used to softballs from the MLive blogosphere? I tell you, we're reminded fairly regularly how smart the mayor is. Wonder why with all those so-called smarts that Flint continues its death spiral? Area officials periodically come together to discuss how to attract new businesses and residents, and puzzle over the dismal outlook. They sometimes form a strong front, with their best poker faces, talking optimistically of regional cooperation, land banks and consolidating services. Yet the naked reality is here for all to see, strung out in a series of daily FJ stories and Detroit daily paratrooper stories about Flint. Labor strife. Civil rights pioneer murders. Gang activity. Flint's new title as Murder City. Political infighting. City deficits. The specter of yet another Flint financial manager or state takeover. Residents fleeing the city in droves as shown in successive Census figures. Almost everything you read seems to say to outsiders: Don't Come Here! So Flintstones cheer the Pistons new owner, who never lived in Flint but for a while made Genesee his home as a kid who had no choice, who doesn't live in Flint now and who may move the stadium he owns further from Flint to Detroit. That's enough to make him a "hometown" hero in Flint and to the FJ.

Jim of L-Town said...

Sorry it took so long to post this. It went to my Spam file which I only saw today.

Flint has always been very sensitive to its criticism, but not so keen on dealing with what caused the criticism in the first place.