Monday, May 2, 2011

Thank you U.S. Military

Props to the U.S. Military and President Obama for finishing the task started almost ten years ago under President Bush. If you see a soldier, airman, Marine or sailor tell him/her "thanks."

You all know I'm a Navy veteran of Vietnam so I feel an immense pride that it was a group of Navy Seals that ended bin Laden's life and reign. So many men and women have sacrificed to bring about this day and I choose to remember them tonight.

Notice, we will be traveling for the next two weeks and posting will stop probably for the duration so you can save your time and return about May 23.


Anonymous said...

I'm ex-Army and I have a funny story for you, Jim:

At DLI, where I studied Russian, the Navy's Run Team always came in dead last on the monthly commander's cup race.

Then, one month they decided to recruit their Seals onto the run team. Result: they took first place by about four minutes.

Susan said...

Ditto. Thanks to a bit of waterboarding, intelligence and the Navy Seals, no more Osama!

Anonymous said...

Okay, editors, it's SEALs. Not Seals. They don't bark and have flippers. SEa Air Land is the acronym. Though it seems like every publication is getting it wrong now. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

I am so very proud of your service! You sir, are my hero! Thank you Father. Your eldest!