Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A discussion of the 'new' journalism

Follow this link to a online discussion on the Lucy Ann Lance Show (WLBY 1290) with Larry Eiler, Eiler Communications; and Charles Eisendrath, Director of the University of Michigan Knight-Wallace Fellows / Former Foreign Correspondent for Time Magazine.

It is about a 40-minute discussion of the status of journalism and journalism education today. As the timer counts down at about 24:30 you will hear a critique of AnnArbor.com and later a defense of print journalism. At about 4:30 there is an additional critique of Newhouse and AnnArbor.com.

When you get to the page at the above link you'll need to scroll down to the April 19, 2011 item and click on the "Click and Listen" tab.

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Anonymous said...

love the part where he says he has a plan for print/web journalism in ann arbor that will break even in 6 months and make lots of $$$ in 1 year. too bad newhouses put hacks in charge that can't make $$$ in two years. as he states, newhouse experiement has failed and they ruined hundreds of lives experimenting.