Friday, April 1, 2011

Crime doesn't pay, especially when you create the stories you cover

From time to time you hear about stories where reporters become the story.


Anonymous said...

Have you heard about all the changes at channel 12?
Apparently Disney dumped them, SJL (former owners) picked it back up and Jim Bleicher, news editor was given his walking papers.

Does anyone at the paper cover that anymore?

Jim of L-Town said...

I knew Jim Bleicher and he was a class act. For the life of me I can't understand why they would send him away. Jim Bleicher was the public face of WJRT and a great advocate for his station.

Just a hunch, but this cannot bode well for the future of the many good people there.

As to the other, I haven't looked online or seen the paper since last week because I am out of town.

Anonymous said...

Tom Bryson, general manager left just before it all happened. He had been there a long time and retired, but it makes you wonder what he knew when he left. The facebook messages from some of the JRT folks are cryptic and hint at more to come.

Jim of L-Town said...

When changes came at the Journal our motto was: "It can always get worse."

Anonymous said...

Just heard that Bill Harris and Joel Fieck were unceremoniously dumped at TV12. Sad. But in this day and age of journalism with one foot and most of the other in the grave, it's not difficult to see why. Money. Age. Experience. Three things you cannot have if you want to run a successful(?) media outlet. And I mean successful in the same twisted way that hatchetman Tony Dearing spews about Why any young person in their right mind wants to get into this field is a complete mystery to me and many of my fellow Flint Journal friends. Bill and Joel, we've been there. We know. Hang tough. There is life after all this poison washes away.