Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Civil War story worth hearing

This is a year old, but NPR ran a good story last July recalling the 75th - and final - reunion of soldiers of the North and South at the Gettysburg Battlefield. The Civil War is a particular interest of mine and World War II is close behind.

It is interesting to hear the recorded voices of men who actually fought at Gettysburg meeting for the final time in 1938.

If you are not interested in the Civil War you probably won't want to listen.


Anonymous said...

I'm amazed at some of the parallels between the Civil War and the Vietnam War. There were apparently lots of rich families during the Civil War who bought their sons out of military service while many even viewed it as "Lincoln's War" and one whose sole purpose was to free the blacks. (Being from Texas, I remember from history class that Texas and other states--besides the slavery issue--went to war because they felt the North was overstepping its boundaries and infringing on states' rights on a number of issues).

MSgtEd MSU '65 said...


Did you take the "History of the Civil War" from Prof. Williams at Moo U?

He was an excellent story teller.

Jim of L-Town said...

I did not take the course, but now, based on your comment, wish I had. I was too busy taking useless courses in journalism.

By useless, I mean I should have majored in something else and taken a couple of writing courses. Most journalism courses are useless because whereever you are hired they teach you their own way of doing things.

Rarely did those match up with the courses I took at MSU.