Friday, June 4, 2010

A word about comments

OK, time to revisit the comment rules. After bragging a couple days ago that I had not rejected a comment for over a year I was forced to do just that today. Feel free to call me an "idiot" or any name you like, but I will not post any comment that refers to a third party in a derogatory way.

So to the anonymous poster who called a former colleague an "idiot," look in a mirror, I think you'll find an idiot there. So my unbroken string of no rejections is now over, but I'll take a good debate here anytime, but keep it civil.


Edward Vielmetti said...

"There is a little dissatisfaction with the comment moderation policy, which seems to be in flux."

Jim of L-Town said...

That would be my former comment on Haven't been there for a month or more, but last time I was people were still complaining about the moderation policies.

Here, the comment moderation policy has been clear. Play nice, that's it. Say what you want, on or off topic, but play nice.

That's it, so my comment moderation policy has been set since Day 1. No flux here.

Tell Tony 'hi' for me.

Anonymous said...

Hah. The only reason to read is the comments, and the site minders know that, because of the the pure entertainment value they provide. The rest of the site, meh.

Anonymous said...

Play nice? But you criticize any bit of authority no matter who it is. Seems a bit hypocritical. But that's you with your fat pension. Nice!

Jim of L-Town said...

Criticism is fine. My criticism is about what people do, not who they are. I have consistently said that many of the leaders of Booth/Flint Journal were nice people, good fathers, mothers, etc.

The decisions they often made stunk to high heaven and that's what I criticize. I criticize those who make bad decisions and then as a result lay off those who carried out their bad decisions, while they kept their jobs. That's not personal, that's just an opinion.

Maybe you are not familiar with journalists Mr./Ms. Anonymous but challenging and critizing authority (and writing with it!) is what we are trained to do. It's in our DNA.

I believe that Barack Obama is a nice man, a good family man and probably someone I would like to have a soda with, but I can still disagree with what he does.

I had plenty of disagreements with George Bush too, but that doesn't mean I don't think he's a decent person who is a good family man.

Many of my friends disagree with me politically and otherwise, but we are still friends.

The problem with some folks is they can't separate disagreement and opinion from whether a person is a good or bad person.

As to my "fat" pension, not so much. If you can live on a pension of less than $1,000 a month (which fortunately I don't have to because of other investments) then I guess it's a "fat" pension.

You and I have a different opinion of "fat" pension. But that doesn't mean you are an idiot or a bad person.

Got it now. All I'm asking is that people not call people names. Disagree all you want, but keep it civil. It's actually pretty easy. As my stepdaughter would say: A monkey in a coma could do it.