Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Gulf Oil Disaster, revisited

Six weeks ago I wrote a post that drew some criticism from supporters of President Obama because I criticized the federal government for a slow response (again) to a disaster in the Gulf.

Bush and his administration were slow to react to the disaster in Katrina and again, in my humble opinion, the Obama administration and red tape have snarled efforts to contain and clean up the spill in the Gulf.

I agree with those who say you can't blame President Obama for the spill, anymore than you could blame W for a hurricane. But the response to both is what is in question.

Apparently we have declined foreign help to clean up the mess and it took six weeks for the Army Corps of Engineers (think levees) to approve a small part of the Louisiana governor's plan to dredge a protective barrier to protect the coast.

Last night the President gave a speech that left me scratching my head. The plan to clean up the gulf is apparently rooted in the effort to pass an energy bill. What?

Tough talk is one thing, constructive action and leadership is another. Please Mr. President, get on the phone and tell the Army Corps of Engineers and the Coast Guard to get the lead out.

For those who argued with me that the President had no role in this disaster (what can he do?, they said) let me remind you that the President himself said he was in charge. If he is in charge, then we have the right to criticize.

Maureen Dowd, no conservative apologist has turned suddenly very critical. This from Salon .com.


Anonymous said...

Good, Maureen. Although I'd say this is a trait he showed all along: "unable to understand things quickly." Book smart, not street smart. Scared to make a mistake. Pleasant speech, though, from the campaigner-in-chief. I guess that's why he was elected.

Anonymous said...

Obama spent 20 minutes today meeting with BP executives while, according to one report, lunching with Joe biden for 75 minutes.

Had he spent 10 years in the Senate (or even a full term), Obama would've been a much better presidential CANDIDATE.