Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New York Times: Circulation continues slide

Some interesting news from the New York Times.


Anonymous said...

My wife, younger son and I recently went on a trip to see some New England colleges and had an opportunity stay in Boston. I did not see a single copy of the Globe until almost the end of the trip, when I happened to visit a news stand at Harvard Square. It was as if the entire city had given up on newspapers.

Very disturbing.

Anonymous said...

Locally, from the ABC (6-month comps):

Bay City:
Thu. - 21,607 (-2,896, -11.8%)
Fri. - 21,925 (-2,858, -11.5%)
Sun. - 31,968 (-2,382, -6.9%)

Thu. - 60,075 (-5,896, -8.9%)
Fri. - 59,222 (-6,879, -10.4%)
Sun. - 74,375 (-5,817, -7.2%)

Thu. - 27,581 (-2,998, -9.8%)
Fri. - 27,866 (-2,752, -8.9%)
Sun. - 39,156 (-2,205, -5.3%)

Anonymous said...

The Flint Journal can subtract a few more papers from Sunday's circulation. We are finally ending our subscription. I tried to stick with it, we've been subscribers for more than 40 year and now I can't find a reason to read it. I used to love Brenda Matas column, but I can only smile sadly when I read the young lady they have writing now. Andy Heller has been the only reason I stuck with the paper this long, but its obvus his heart is somewhere else these days and he is no longer reason enough to pay a ridiculous amount of money for little to no news. I watch channel 12 and I get USA today for the big news. My son used to work in the circulation department many years ago. He hates what it is, too. My daughter showed me how to find my coupons on line and thats working pretty well. I'm not a computer illterate senior, but I don't want to get my news on the computer. Whoever is in charge ruined this paper. I miss what it was.