Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Man was I wrong

Guess that Senate seat in Massachusetts doesn't actually belong to the Kennedy family or the Democrats. I'm not one that tends to believe media hype and this result may have been a combination of voter remorse, but also a factor of a really, really bad Democrat candidate.

Next time, learn your baseball Martha. President Obama invested his own political clout in the race by going there at the last minute, so he has to be a little upset today. CNN said last night that Obama won Massachusetts a year ago by 26 points. That's a stunning reversal by any one's estimation.

That said, my candidate, Joseph Kennedy, the only Kennedy running for Kennedy's seat, trailed badly. My dream of a growing, influential third party, remains just a dream.


Anonymous said...

With that being said, Joseph L. Kennedy is not related to The Kennedy Family.

In fact, he was adopted.

Jim of L-Town said...

I knew that, I was more making a joke of the fact that everyone was saying it was a "Kennedy" seat, why not actually elect a Kenendy.

I don't think you would find a Kennedy from the Joseph Sr. lineage who was not a Democrat. If there is one, I've never heard of one.

Anonymous said...


Though Ted Kennedy and the Kennedy Kids are/were reliably liberal Democrats, the family itself was quite conservative.

The clan's patriarch, Joe Sr. (no relation to the guy who ran for the Senate this week) was fired by FDR as ambassador to the UK -- Court of King James, a highly prized post -- because of his pro-Hitler/defeatist attitude.

And let's not forget Bobby Kennedy served as the legal counsel for Joe McCarthy's inquiry into Communist influence in America.

Finally, JFK was certainly no liberal. If he ran for president on the Republican ticket in 2012, the mainstream media would decree him to be an extremist right-winger because of his social, cultural and political views.

Jim of L-Town said...

I knew that JFK was pretty conservative (by today's standards) and I believe he even instituted tax breaks for businesses to stimulate economic growth early in his term.

Let's not forget that it was LBJ who reached out to Republians to break the opposition to Civil Rights legislation and get a landmark Bill passed early in his term.

Reagan worked with Tip O'Neill and Bill Clinton formed an uneasy alliance with Republicans after 1994 to get some of his work done.

Even W reached out to Ted Kennedy and basically let him draft an education bill early in his term to pass the "No Child Left Behind" legislation.

But the new administration doesn't seem interested in working with anyone, Democrats or Republicans to craft health care reform. He basically turned it over to Congress and they drafted a monstrosity that no one understands or wants.

Time to go back to the drawing board. The country needs health care reform, but not the goshawful thing they are talking about now.