Monday, July 13, 2009

Tom Gantert's post finally up at

Another apology from the Content Czar as it relates to the Tom Gantert post which we posted here a couple days ago.

If this keeps up, they might want to rename the site "" There actually is such a site and it seems to be exactly what it says.

Here's more over at Arborupdate.


truthiness said...

There seem to be many technical glitches associated with this enterprise, and it hasn't even formally launched yet.

"Technical glitch" could be the new euphemism for "Sorry folks, but we're WAY too underpowered to get this bus out of the garage."

Edward Vielmetti said...

There's a bunch of people learning new software, and new software being dropped in daily until launch. I'm quite frankly expecting more issues to show up on the technology side because we are pushing the platform (Movable Type community software) harder in some directions than i've seen other comparable sites going.

I've been involved in 5 internet startups since the late 80s and some piece of this is par for the course when you are trying to actually do something different.

and "truthiness", the Ann Arbor bus I ride home a couple days a week is a half-million dollar hybrid, plenty of power there.

truthiness said...

Newhouse must not have built that bus.