Friday, July 10, 2009

Things not to buy at the $1 store

My sister, who is our family's version of Warren Buffet, still likes to shop at the $1 store (mostly for my Christmas and birthday presents). Just kidding, Pam.

Anyway, she lives in West Virginia and recently told me that she was in her favorite $1 store where they were selling pregnancy testing kits for $1. She wondered out loud if anyone would trust a $1 store product for such an important test.

Then she noticed that the store clerk was quite pregnant. She thought it was quite funny.

What product would you never buy at the $1 store even if it was a great deal?


Anonymous said...

Why condoms, of course!

Pam said...

You already know my first purchase concern. Another thing I would not buy at the dollar store is haircolor. That is, unless, the stock market keeps dropping.

Oops, did I just admit to coloring my hair?

truthiness said...

1.) Condoms.
2.) Anything with meat in it.

pam said...

Do you think the $1 condoms would be from the same company that makes the $1 pregnancy test?

Jan Scholl said...

Dog food, cat food, baby food, baby formula, baby bottles, metallic toys, tampons (some have been contaminated with hchlorine), any human food not stating place of manufacture (truthiness says stuff with meat-since I don't eat anything with eyeballs, I still worry about what others eat). on and on.

It's easier to say what I would buy. Wrapping paper (non metallic), tennis balls, bungee cords, pens or pencils, hmmm that's about ti (and the dollar spot at Target is questionable on some things too)

Be careful out there.

Pam said...

To Jan: I agree! I'm really just a $1 store girl for a few, gift wrap/bags, great kid books at our local store, bubble envelopes, notepads, and other minor household stuff that be pricey other places. I don't buy food (too much transfat etc), toys, cleaners, or cosmetics of any sort. The only exception is my brother's christmas and birthday gifts of course....this year I'm getting him a watch there.

And the only one I go to is Dollar Tree.

Jim of L-Town said...

Yeah, and the watch you bought me last Christmas worked right up until Lincoln's Birthday. Thanks!

Love, bro

Anonymous said...

Are we really that cheap? I pray my father does not take after my aunty Pam! I would not mind a card from the dollar store, but a cheap gift really lets you know how much your loved. I guess its the thought that matters.