Thursday, March 12, 2009

Off to Buffalo

Buffalo, NY beckons, but blogging should continue if the usually reliable wireless signal penetrates the in-laws walls again.

I am still in contact with folks in and around the Journal and if anything new develops, I'll let you know.

On Wednesday, I received a call from a Channel 12 reporter who just asked me to confirm that the blog was mine, which I did. Someone called me and said the station did a short news bit on the blog information.

The response from the three papers was predictably vague, but far from a denial, I'm told.

Feel free to post what you hear anonymously on the original post or here. Have the best weekend you can.


Anonymous said...

Crain's is reporting (in a blog by Bill Shea) that The Journal will announce their plan to employees and the public within 10 days. Dave Sharp is quoted.

Anonymous said...

10 days and we will find out our fates I guess. Gee, I wonder if their new plan to restructure will be all about keeping their little "pets" around, you know all of the weak, and mediocre people on the staff that contribute little and would not have an original idea in their heads to save their lives! Sure, it will! And that is why this new plan will fail too.

They will blame the economy, and the costs of print, and paper-- which obviously play a role, however, the biggest culprit is not taking advantage of experienced and talented staff members, and not trying to look beyond the building to bring in fresh talent for certain positions.

They will tell us it is "beyond their control" and the figures just don't add up, but the reality is that they will be sure to keep around their little cronies. The folks who could actually help turn this thing around will probably be "offered" severances and "buyouts"

In the interest of "doing everything we can to save money" I wonder if management's perks, like the golf club memeberships, and fitness club memberships will be
"voluntarily" given up as well- I mean if we are facing layoffs I would hope they would have the decency to give up all such perks.

Anonymous said...

If that's 10 days from Friday, that about confirms the rumors in Ann Arbor that they're going to be pulled into a meeting on March 23 and be told the same news.