Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A buyout second chance

Just arrived home from Buffalo and found a couple of messages informing me that there has been an extension of the buyout offers at the Flint Journal for an additional two weeks. I noticed that Jim Carty is reporting the same thing for Ann Arbor on his blog.

The profit and loss numbers are in and the news is horrid. So the company wants to give those who have decided to stay one last chance to take the buyouts. It may be more of a "we warned you" type situation than an actual need for more people to take the buyouts.

Lots of rumors swirling about the central copy desk situation with one rumor that the New York owners don't think it will work and at the same time think it saves too many copy desk jobs, up to 70.

So for those who were thinking of staying, the new offer simply gives them just that much more to think about.

According to those at the meetings, Publisher Dave Sharp did not paint a very pretty picture of the current bottom line of the chain.

I couldn't feel worse for my friends left behind and I really wish there was a silver lining for them.


Anonymous said...

Jim: I know a Flint Journal reporter (her first name is the name of one of college football's most famous games--played in southern california), and I suspect she'll be one who takes this buyout.

I'm guessin the journal's trying to save money by getting rid of the experienced talent and bringing in cheaper writers who'll work for pennies.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I'll say it again:

If you can go, go.

When the captain comes around and asks a THIRD time if you really wouldn't like a seat on the last lifeboat leaving the davits, that's your answer.

Even is this economy.