Monday, February 4, 2008

Where have all the parents gone?

Way off topic today, but Sunday (Super Bowl Sunday, no less) my wife and I were shopping at the Lapeer Meijer store.

I was struck by a sign in one of the checkout lanes: "Family friendly checkout, no candy, no toys."

Sure enough the store had removed all those tempting candy and toy displays in the one lane, presumably to prevent temper tantrums.

I immediately flashed back to my youth and remembered my one - and only - temper tantrum in a store. My mother apologized to the clerk, left behind her basket of groceries and took me home where I got a really good spanking.

Is it really the store's responsibility to remove items that might trigger an actual parental teaching moment? The problem really is that parents don't want to be parents anymore.

Here's a tip for parents: If your child is acting up in a store, restaurant or other public place, accompany, drag, carry or pull them outside and give them a decent spanking (not a beating) and warn them that future outbursts will result in the same.

It worked for generations of children and will likely work for you. Or, for you really modern folks, try the time out thing, although it never really worked for me.


Anonymous said...

Spanking, hitting, striking a defensless child is neither "good" nor "decent". Try watching "Super Nanny" for better alternatives.

Jim of L-Town said...

Dear anonymous:

My only point is that it worked for my parents, me and my kids.
If something else works for you, good.
Just to be clear what I'm talking about is a swat on the fatty part of the butt with an open hand. No weapons, no fists, no anger, no beatings.
I've watched people use time outs, over and over and over, it doesn't seem to curb the unwanted behavior.
But I don't get my child raising tips from television. I learned them from my parents, who learned from theirs.
But I respect your difference of opinion.

Jim of L-Town said...

You'll also be happy to know I have no more children to raise.
And since my grandchildren are perfect, there would be no need for me to punish them....

Anonymous said...

Thanks Pop, I will not leave my name you know just who I am. I thank you for my up bringing, and would noy have it ant other way. Love ya Pop, Your eldest.

Jim of L-Town said...

It's always nice to get a testimony from your own grown son!

Love you William.

p.s. Don't call me Pop....

Anonymous said...
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oakland said...

Nothing like a debate on spanking to incite emotions. But the problem is, we have a whole generation of kids who have neither self restraint nor a moral compass because they were raised by people who wanted to be their kids' buddies vs. parents.

Perhaps corporal punishment isn't the ultimate answer, but negotiating with kids doesn't work, either. It takes toughness, resolve and a willingness at times to be the "bad cop." Unfortunately, undisciplined parents tend to raise undisciplined children.

Anonymous said...

Great Post, could not agree more!

Have you watched Idiocracy?

Just shows where we are going, because people have no accountability for themselves or thier children