Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hooray for Uno

I was excited to see Uno, the 15-inch beagle win the WKC show last night.

For those who know me it was a reminder of my life with "Puppy" a stray female beagle I found while walking in 1989.

Puppy, who still has the longevity record of a female living with me, had to be euthanized more than two years ago and is still greatly missed.

Beagles are pure love and devotion and if, that's a big if, we were ever to consider getting another dog, I would lobby hard for a beagle. Joan would certainly lobby as hard for a Labrador retriever, which I must admit are pretty loving and devoted as well. (We had to put down "Colby" last fall after her failing health required an end to her 16 years.

So I really appreciate the WKC recognizing a "real" dog as Best in Show. Puppy will also be my Best (dog) in Life.

As for the longevity record it looks good, the God Lord willing, that Joan will surpass that in just another 6 years.

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