Monday, January 7, 2008

Things are spinning in San Jose

More bad newspaper news, this time about an old friend of mine, Carole Leigh Hutton and her short tenure at the San Jose Mercury News.


John Bowman said...

Thanks for posting and linking to Spin Ditties. My blog now links to yours, as well.

Steve Gosset said...

Jim: Thanks for linking to my blog,and I'll look forward to reading yours.
I must say, though, while I've never worked with her or know her personally, my professional feelings about Carole Leigh Hutton -- as I've enumerated on my blog -- are more muted, especially in regards to her legacy at the Detroit Free Press.
I thought it was shameful how she handled the Mitch Albom fake column episode, and the double standard for a star, which she righteously maintained at the expense of what was left of the newspaper's credibility.
I think it was a cautionary tale of why an editor should also never be a publisher, especially at a large newspaper.

Jim of L-Town said...
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Jim of L-Town said...

Let's try posting this comment again:

Dear Steve:

On the Mitch Albom affair I absolutely agree. No one at my level would have
survived that transgression. My feelings about Carole Leigh are mixed because we
went to college together (Michigan State) and were colleagues there.
We lost touch with each other and I really haven't talked to her since, except
once at an AP awards ceremony (where she was collecting plaques for Mitch by the
When I knew her she was a hard news gal in the best sense of the word. I've
seen a lot of former hard news editors bend and break in the new newspaper
reality. Sad, but true.

Thanks for commenting.